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SW-AHMA is a non-profit professional organization composed of property owners, management agents and related professionals who specialize in the development and operation of affordable housing. Since its inception in 1988, SW-AHMA has dedicated itself to the following:

  • Interfacing actively with affordable regulatory agencies to address relevant topics and issues.
  • Facilitating communication between management professionals and agency officials.
  • Providing opportunities for professional training and development.
  • Assisting management professionals in providing better service to both residents and owners.
  • Supporting the National Affordable Housing Management Association's (NAHMA) efforts with legislative and regulatory policy that promotes the development and preservation of decent and safe affordable housing.

Cities Where You Can Afford to Work and Live®

In Response to the National Affordable Housing Crisis:

In response to the nation’s severe shortage of affordable rental housing, the National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA) has launched an initiative to identify and highlight Cities Where You Can Afford to Work and Live®.

Across the country, teachers, firefighters, police, restaurant staff, retail workers and retirees among others – all core members of a healthy, vibrant community – can’t afford to live in the cities they have served. For many, more than half of their income goes to pay the rent, leaving little left over for food, utilities, transportation, health care, day care and other vital needs. This growing financial burden for basic rental housing for millions of Americans challenges the social and economic well-being of cities large and small. NAHMA’s goal is to identify and highlight innovative programs by cities that successfully increase the net number of affordable rental housing units in their communities.

NAHMA is pleased to work with Dr. Dustin C. Read, Assistant Professor of Property Management and Real Estate at Virginia Tech, to publish the following overview report on five cities that are finding success in implementing policies to address the shortage of affordable housing in their locales

To download a free PDF of the report, click on the headline link below:

Providing Affordable Rental Housing:
Five Cities Taking Steps to Improve Access and Availability

By Dustin C. Read, Ph.D., J.D.
Assistant Professor of Property Management and Real Estate
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia

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News From NAHMA:

HUD has issued the following notice on required actions for multifamily housing projects receiving failing scores from HUD's Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC).

HUD is required to take certain procedural steps when multifamily housing projects score 59 or less on the REAC physical inspection. This Notice provides guidance to ensure compliance with these procedural steps.

To view this notice, please click here

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